Flyaway Photo Expeditions By Anil Khubani

Anil Khubani conducts Photo Expeditions in the different parts of India. He has been conducting Photo Expeditions since 2016 and has successfully conducted Photo Expeditions in the regions of Ladakh, Spiti, Kerala & Benaras .
The Photo Expeditions are titled as "Caravan-e-Destination Name" viz Caravan-e-Ladakh, Caravan-e-Spiti, Caravan-e-Kerala, Caravan-e-Benaras
The Photo Expeditions are not only about Learning practical hands on photography at the same time connects the participants to the culture, food and living habitat of a particular region.
What one gets in Adventure Expeditions
  • Spend Night under the Stars
  • Self Camp
  • Be a Nomad
  • Be a Backpacker Photographer
    Hands of Practical Tutorials on
    • Landscape Photography
    • Panoramas
    • Star Trail Photography
    • Milky Way Photography
    • Time Lapse Photography
    • Long Exposure Photography
    • Life & Street Photography

      Review & Post Processing Techniques
      • Daily review of the Photographs
      • How to Post Process Photographs
        Some of the Photographs from various expeditions